The chicken and the egg both came first with the start of the Surcouf family business. Brothers, Clarrie and Arthur set up their food supply business by selling poultry and eggs in Jersey in 1945. With the acquisition of a deep freeze depot soon after, the frozen foods market beckoned and with that, a deep rooted Jersey business success story begun. With their ethos in quality and reliability right from the start, the ‘Easenmyne’ brothers formed a family business which, by its very definition stands strong from the foundations of two men; in their own description, a business that was ‘his and mine’. Supplying the best brands and the finest fresh and frozen food produce means peace of mind and a recipe for success for local businesses. Today, Easenmyne is Jersey’s longest serving food supplier and one of the oldest family businesses still thriving in the island... and it all began with the chicken and the egg.

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A Brief History

As one of the Channel Islands most long standing, family run businesses, Surcouf Ltd has built an unwavering trust with every single one of their clients. Starting out in Jersey in 1945 at the end of the Second World War, from humble beginnings selling fresh eggs and poultry, Surcouf is now the biggest supplier of quality food produce, from fresh to frozen across both Jersey and Guernsey. 

Surcouf Ltd has indeed moved with the times in terms of its operations, being one of the first to install a computerised system in the seventies and making acquisitions of suitable businesses to grow their own supply chain for the benefit of their clients. Today, Surcouf supplies hundreds of businesses, from small cafes, boutique bars and restaurants to large hotel chains and eateries across the Channel Islands.

"With growth comes change, but one thing never changes with regard to our business: we put our customer centric company convictions and attention to ensuring the finest produce at the very best value, at the heart of everything we do."