Demo with a Difference – Exciting Trends from Sosa

A demonstration from Paola Carlini from Wild Harvest – The Grand Hotel 9th July 2014.

Market trends

It was such a treat and very exciting for us to welcome Paola Carlini, Development Chef from our supplier Wild Harvest, to Jersey. Her demonstration bought to life some of the innovative food trends currently hitting the European market. Paola was born in Venezuela, but has a mixed cultural background; Spanish, Italian and German. At age 18 she moved to Spain and started cooking school where she studied for 4 years and also qualified as a 2nd degree Sommelier. While living in Barcelona she worked for 7 months in El Celler de Can Roca, most of the time with pastry and later in the fish section.

Paola moved to London in 2009 to join Wild Harvest.

Turning traditional dishes on their head

It’s not everyday that we are treated to such an inspiring demonstration of Sosa ingredients. Sosa, like Easenmyne started out as a family business producing artisan biscuits and traditional Catalan products. Today they export to over 50 countries and are on the cutting edge of food technology and innovation.

Paola demonstrated a whole new take on the traditional Fish & Chips by coating the fish in egg yolk and Sosa Airbag potato flour. This deep fried batter gives the fish a delicious crunchy texture and different way to deliver an old favourite.

Paola Carlini from Wild Harvest preparing ‘batter’

Fish & Chips 

150 gr Fish cut into small pieces

As needed Airbag potato flour

Egg yolk

Deep fry oil


Sosa Vinegar powder if desired

Dip the fish pieces into egg yolk and then coast with Airbag potato flour. Deep fry for 3 minutes or until they are golden brown and cooked. Transfer to a plate lined with paper towel.

More of a bind

Meat glue is technically called thrombian, or transglutaminase (TG), it is an enzyme that is used to hold different kinds of meat together. Now Sosa has developed a new way to bind ingredients, ‘Gelburguer’ using a safe seaweed. This Prawn Burger recipe demonstrates just how tasty a fish patty can be:

Prawn Burger

Prawns          500gr

Gelburguer   8gr

Salt and pepper

Fish stock 20gr

Mix the ingredients until combined and Gelburguer is dissolved. Press the mixture in a mold or shape as wanted. Keep in the fridge for 1 hour to let it set and cook afterwards.

You can find more details about these recipes and more on the Sosa website.

What did they say? 

The demonstration by Paola was very interesting as it was about the modern molecular side of gastronomy. Steve Walker – Siroccos at The Royal Yacht Jersey

“We went to the Easenmyne’s Sosa demonstration today and was warmly welcomed by Paola and Simon from Wild Harvest. The demonstration by Paola was very interesting as it was about the modern molecular side of gastronomy. I will definitely be embracing some of the techniques and ingredients. 

Many thanks to Easenmyne for investing in such a demo and bringing to life the current trends hitting the European Markets.”

Steve Walker
 – Siroccos at The Royal Yacht Jersey

A good demo, informative and interesting.”

Alan – Royal Hotel, Jersey

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