The Not So Humble Sausage

We have been busy bees for the month of June the buyers and sales team have been sampling new treats from Stokes and Broadland Hams.

We recently got together to do some sausage sampling, which got us thinking about the sausage, affectionately known as the Great British Banger; a staple of all good English fry ups. The term ‘banger’ was popularized after the outbreak of World War 1 when food shortages led to a reduction of meat in sausages. Producers packed them with scraps, cereal and water causing them to pop and hiss when cooked on open fires in the trenches – hence the term ‘bangers.

Today we have a choice of traditional butchers who tend to put far more meat in their sausages – up to 90%.

So what do you look for in a sausage? Martina McGibney, Commercial Director says, “We look for meat content to be at least 80%, it is essential that our pork is British and for the sausage to be mixed by hand then filled into natural casings. It needs to be very scrumptious and indeed have great texture.

The Tasty Banger

Our exclusive partner Broadlands Hams has been established over 35 years.

Just like us they are a family run business located in the rural area of East Anglia in the small farming village of Little Melton. They have been producing high quality hams and bacon for over 35 years and are renowned in the locality for our exceedingly high standards.

Founder John Porter started his working life at the age of fourteen as a retail butcher in his fathers shop in the small town of Hingham set in the mid Norfolk countryside. The butchery work in the shop was done with immense pride in the preparation and presentation of good quality meat. They felt the work was akin to that of a cabinet maker with quality workmanship and pride in one’s work the key.

Porters in Hingham

Founded in 2004 by Rick Sheepshanks today Stokes Sauces employs over 40 people producing over 75 different lines, all hand produced to carefully created and closely guarded recipes in our Suffolk “Saucery”.

Based at Rendlesham Hall, near Woodbridge in Suffolk they only use the best ingredients they reduce, simmer, cook and make slowly in traditional ways. Together they think their small team produce the finest sauces and preserves you can buy in a jar.


Incidentally, the full English breakfast is a centuries old British tradition which dates back to the early 1800’s, when the Victorians first perfected the art of eating breakfast, considered to be the most important meal of the day. Today, the sausage doesn’t just star in the traditional fry up. Dishes like Toad in the Hole and sausage rolls have made a comeback over the past years. Sausages also are a popular and flavoursome ingredient in curries, casseroles and meatballs.

This time of year sausages are a feature on the barbeque and a tasty way to make a ‘hot dog.’ Try this recipe from our partners at Stokes: Grill the sausages until browned and cooked through. Toast the slices of crusty bread and spread Red Onion Marmalade generously over one side of the toast. Roughly cut the sausages in half and layer onto the bread. Top it off with the other slice of bread and enjoy! Or why not just dob it in Stokes finest Brown or Tomato sauce.. Yum…