We’re celebrating 75 Years!

This season’s blog talks about us – indulge us a little won’t you! It’s our 75th Anniversary, yes; it’s incredible to believe – 75 years in the foodservice business. We’ve been passionate about food for a long time and our enthusiasm and love for great quality food continues today. It all started with two brothers, Clarrie and Arthur Surcouf who, in 1950, started selling chicken eggs from their van to local hotels. From these humble roots Easenmyne has grown into one the islands biggest and highly valued food distributors under the guidance of chairman Peter Sourcouf.

The beginnings of Easenmyne!

Today retailers and chefs can source some of the finest ingredients available on the market. This is made even more possible with the partnership between Easenmyne and Brakes UK. Brakes, who also started as a family business, have been operating for over 50 years. We share the same values of quality, reliability, innovation and trust. Together we are always looking for the right products and new and innovative ideas to keep the food we offer fresh and exciting.

We will be celebrating our 75th Anniversary in many ways. Keep in touch to find out more.

The John Stone homestyle steakhouse burgers combine the distinctive taste of dry aged, grass fed beef with the convenience of kitchen ready delivery.